Pravasa prayasavagidaru, adhbuthavagithu !! 😉 …These were the words which came out of mah mouth wen Vinay asked me the feedback of trip..!! 🙂

PLACE: KODACHADRI, a 1343m high peak 4m sea level, in the western ghats of Karnataka near Kollur.


DISTANCE: around 400kms from Bengaluru.
around 35kms from Kollur.

ROUTE: Bengaluru>Tumkur>Shimoga>Hosanagara>Kodachadri

TRANSPORT: Thru private vehicles or KSRTC buses to Kollur n another bus to Karkatte Gate/Nittur (45mins) from where the trekk starts.

TREKK ROUTE: In jeeps till vellur gate (which costs around 100-150 per head) n den trekk til top for 2-3hrs.
Walk thru the jeep track til Vellur gate n trekk til top (around 4-6hrs)
The most difficult one-trekk thru Hidlumane falls route (around 5-6hrs).

FOOD: Available in Kodachadri but dont expect the best !

ACCOMMODATION: Rooms available @ the top of the hill in Bhat’s place or PWD guest house..One can also rent tents n stay in it.

MOBILE NETWORKS: Airtel network is available n also BSNL sometimes.


I was getting bored in home without goin out for more than 4 months..n 1 day i got a call 4m mah school frns- vatsa,vineeth n vinay 4 a trip !!..After a bit of hesitation i agreed 🙂

We had planned for last weekend of Oct 2010..Even-though all buses were full, Vineeth had booked seats in KSRTC bus but it was a nightmare sitting in last row seats 😦 ..It was not Vineeth’s fault as we had decided for the trip @ the last moment.


We reached Kollur @ 8.30 am n took a bus to Nittur which is around 20kms from there.We reached @ 9.45am..Rajendra came there n we ordered tents for rent and started our trekk @ 10 am.

We had chosen the difficult route among the 3- HIDLUMANE FALLS route as we had thought of getting fresh in the falls..We walked thru the roads,forests,again roads for a long time n reached the HIDLUMANE FALLS @ 12.30..Vineeth had left us back n had reached sooner..me, vatsa n vinay had reached there after scolding vineeth hell no of times !! 😮

Do look after for the leeches around.Luckily we din find many.Salt is a gud remedy for leeches..

We had a gud bath in there n started our REAL trekk @ 2 pm..I say u really need a loads n loads of stamina 2 trekk in dis route as its very steeper n difficult..

Again Vineeth was leading us n went off invisible soon 😦 …Vatsa n me struggled a lot 2 climb but reached the PWD Guest House @ 6 wit the motivation of Vinay! (Vinay was motivated by a Davangere team!!) 😀

Sunset point is around an hour from PWD..There is place called SARVAGNA PEETA n its said that it is the place where SRI SHANKARACHARYA meditated..but for our bad luck we cud’n go there as our energy was fully down..Vineeth went half the way n came back.

Vinay challenged us n tried for campfire but it went in vain as the place was too windy…Arabian Sea is visible from dis place..We enjoyed the scenery til 8.30 pm n slept in our tents. Forgot 2 mention-we were dazzled by a beauty b4 we went 2 bed ! 😉 😀


We got up @ 6 am, clicked sum pics n left @ 7.30 am..Vatsa was too tired n was opting to hire the jeep but we all convinced him saying we ll reach down in half an hour n came to Karkatte gate @ 10.45 am..!!..We got into a Hosnagara Bus @ 11.30 n reached there by 1.15 pm..

Vinay called up his very gud frn-SUHAS there n he took us 2 a lodge where we had a bath n a very gud spicy food..We left Hosanagara @ 4.15 n came to Bengaluru via Sagara the next day @ 5 in the mornin ! 🙂

An advice to people who r intending to go- Plz save the nature,dun pollute it with plastics, cigarettes, liquors, etc..


2 years of vryte!

2 years since vryte started, phew!  didn’t notice at all. Not much activity in the last year. Anniversary post was the only post in the entire year!  Thanks to Pras-Lonely for his latest post which has brought us attention back to vryte!

Personally, I am not sure why I couldn’t spend time on vryte. Many a times I wanted to write something but it would slip out of my mind somehow.  Hope at least this year we will have much activity! 🙂

So, 2 years, 40 posts and more than 8000 hits! Damn slow, but never out!



A day without cell

An incident which happened wen i was in mah final year of B.E !!!

Ah man !..i got my cell back!!.. 🙂

Dis was the 1st word uttered 4m my mouth wen i got it back !

Thinkin, why im sayin dis?.. 😉

It was a normal day til i got into the same old class of mine!! ..Sumthin special was waitin 4 me,but i cud’n smell it !!

It was 8.45..I was sittin in 1 of the borin classes 😦 n dat too in 1st bench !! 😮 ..was feelin very sleepy 😉 So started chattin wit mah gud old frn who was sittin nxt 2 me..within few mins lecturer caught me..He adopted the same,old,school rule,made me get up 4m thr n changed mah place… 😀 Sitting in the new place i started searchin 4 mah cell…Whrz it?..It was not thr, had left in the other place!! ..Now i had nobody 2 chat with,nor i had a cel 2 play wit it !! 😉

I cud not resist anymore..so asked mah frnz 2 pass mah cell 2 me…It was caught by the lecturer wen it was on the way !! 😦

Wat can i say now?…He started screwing me…belted me black n blue 😦 …After the class i followed him,i xplained him dat i was not using it n frnz were jus passing 2 me…

Sir…sir..plz sir..sry sir..plz give it back sir…i was not using it..n wil never use it in class…plz sir
( same old dailogues which all say wen they get caught !! )

He told me 2 meet in short break..but wen i met him,he had a diff story..He told,he knew i was not using the cell but he had already given it princi…!!(bloody hell)… At the same tym, mah cell was vibrating in his pocket ! 😮 😮 ..but he refused 2 give it n told me 2 cum back @ 1.30..& at 1.30,mahurat was postponed to 2.30 😦

I went back @ 2.30..he had a new reason now !! – princi is busy in some meeting, so u ll get back cell tommorow…. !!

I knew he was lying as the princi not in the coll itself n morever mah cell was with him only !!

Having no other choice,i came back home…actually i was feelin free !!!…no disturbance of those msgs,calls…in the nite, i slept an hour b4 !!.. 😉

But sumthin struck in mah mind – wat if sir use mah cell?…chk the inbox?…!! 😮

Next day

I was bit afraid of the fine i should pay 2 him !!

I attended the classes til the short break n went 2 him @ 10.30..

Wat a shock!! :o..b4 i opend my mouth, he gave it back !! God bless him 😀

I cud’n express mah joy thr !!

Ah man !..i got cell my back !! 😉

FYI- Dis was not the 1st time,i was caught using cell in the 1st year too 😀

14 missed calls…48 new unread msgs !!! 😮 😮

vryte-After 1 y!ear


Its been one year since we started  and it has been a silent journey all these days. Exactly a year back, on 14th Oct 2008, our first post was made on this blog, though the blog was actually created on 04-oct-2008.  Its been a great experience to be writing along with friends, sharing thoughts and stuff like that.

Must admit it would have been even more wonderful if some our  friends who didn’t participate much in the blog could actually have done it. They were actually very excited to be part of the blog in the beginning but eventually couldn’t, somehow for some reason, participate  on the blog. Well, that’s ok. Its been satisfactory with the job we have done and must remind you that we have had fun all along.

With 39 Posts  and more than 3,000 hits in the last one year, vryte is now going on slow patch.
I said its been a silent journey in the beginning of this post. So silent that we didn’t even realize that its been one year now! Well, sometimes we get busy, also everyone’s getting busy these days but I’m sure we’ll get back to our blogging space and get vryte running back at its usual pace.

I hope it will be even more fun in the next one year, I’m looking forward to it. Looking forward to have some interesting topics to discuss, to get to know, to have fun! Hope others  share the same sentiments too :). Anyways, its Happy Birthday to Vryte! 😀

Point and angle vision in human beings

Have you come across the fact that men are better drivers? True. But the fact women are cautious drivers is also true. There is a scientific reason behind this. Men have point vision and women have angled vision.

  • Women can see 45deg right, left, up and down. But the straight vision is almost nil. If they can see so many things at a time they have too many things to process and the so straight vision is less concentrated. Men have good straight vision and the side views is almost nil. This is the fact scientifically proved. But when I came across these facts I was astonished that I could recall so many instances that were exactly the same to the performed experiments.

I was once on a ride in a busy road and I was fast approaching a small but congested junction and it had no traffic signal. The scene is I’m traveling on a main road and a service road passes across the main road exactly at right angles. This is the junction. There was a scooter approaching this junction, two ladies on that scooter. And as I came near to the junction I heard a loud shout and hit the breaks hard but too late, although the accident wasn’t serious. The main road in which I was traveling was pretty clear and so was the service road. The angle of vision was too big for me to judge. And that woman riding the scooter could see me to her left, but I didn’t.

Also in the refrigerator women can spot things very fast, while men cant. I’ve seen my mother take out vegetables, rice, milk(and what not), take out in quick succession while I take ages to spot the box of eggs or even give up the search! Again 45deg angled vision come into play.

  • Women can perform multiple activities at the same time. Men can perform one activity at a time.

I’ve seen women cooking, feeding a baby, and talking over a phone and may be commanding the servant too. I’ve observed my father, while having dinner and watching tv, he’s either eating or watching, one at a time!

  • Women can recognize various color composition in an object, men rarely can.

One of the conversation that I remember between me and mother. I asked, “mother, what was the color of our old house? I forgot” She said, “Sea green” Me confused, “Sea green! right. Whats that?” She took an old photograph of our old house and showed it to me. I said “you said its sea green. But I don’t see anything green in it. I can rather say its blue”. She laughed and said, “take a look again”. Me scratching my head, “hmmm yeah, somewhat green”.

  • Who’s better in crossing busy streets? Think.

Its men. Men can judge speed, direction of vehicles intuitively and while women, can see too many things, things that don’t matter for crossing roads. Again too many things to judge and they back off.

  • Now who’s better in driving?

Again speed, direction, focus, objects come into play. Men are more focused. While in a highway men’s angle vision including both ongoing and incoming traffic are well within critical limits and the superpower “intuition” takes care of the rest. And as I said women are good in angular vision seldom see things that are right in front of them and intuitively weak. Although less careful than women, men are better drivers.


Have you ever wondered what makes you sad? Is it always a person who makes you feel low? Is it the situation around you that makes you sad? Or is it your nature to feel low about everything, that you often find yourself in such situations? Have you tried to overcome this kinda situation and try to forget what makes you unhappy? Do you feel happy if you remain low sometimes? Have you ever come to a situation where you feel uncomfortable and all you want to do is go away from everyone and sit alone all by yourself and ponder over? Does it make you happy or does it make you feel strange? Is it normal?

Of course it’s not! Being alone all be oneself is one thing but trying to hide from someone/something is a different story altogether. I have been in  situations where I start feeling strange and suddenly I feel low. The state of mind is hard to comprehend. Though there are people around me, though I’ll be doing something interesting, this strange feeling start creeping onto me slowly and in the end I’ll be left wondering! First i thought if I’m in an unfavourable situation I’d be feeling like this. No, the situation/environment is of no matter, I just fall into that state. Am I complaining? Hell no. I’m not unhappy about it, Am I? I just start thinking, lots of thoughts come into my head. But i’ll soon recover and make sure I miss nothing and I’ll be all alert about the surrounding.

So coming back to the set of questions I’ve asked in the beginning of this post. I do feel low and have felt bad about many things. Mostly it’ll be ‘coz of the people and def its not my nature to feel low just like that! I do wonder what’s the root of sadness. How does it even arise and I really don’t understand it and the people who are low, their complex minds and the way they react at such times!

Its been a long time..

Its been a very long time. where have you  been? I hope you are  doing great and nothing has struck you down!

Its been nice in the past few weeks, it was raining, evenings were awesome. Nowadays its not raining much but nothing to worry, for we know the monsoon is yet to arrive at full speed!

Too many trees are being pulled down here in Bengalooru, such a sorry fact. But we have to get on with it. Metro is the need of the hour. I wish people find better alternatives and cut fewer trees. And yeah they should plant more to compensate this deadly act of us- humans!

I wonder if cricket is losing its fan base. The ICC T20 world cup is over and gone and it makes no difference to me and my friends. After the successful season of IPL, which we all followed with immense interest, world cup was scheduled. “Are we getting to see too much of cricket these days?”- One has to ponder on and come to a conclusion on his own.

My final semester exam got over last week and only thing that’s left now is the project presentation. We’ll all be done, more or else, within this week! There is a plan being put up about going out somewhere, both my college friends and the guys here. i hope I can make it. Also the plans for the School re-union 3rd is being tossed up from time to time. hehe so much on the plate huh? Not really, there is not much. When I start clearing the vision and try to re-jumble everything, I’ll get to see (know) the big picture ahead and I will know there is too much to be served to my plate. I’m ready for it, bring it on! 😀

So where are you? I’m trying to summarize so many things in one post, you seem to be missing. I’m wondering about everything ( err,. most,..some of the things) that’s been happening, like how an old man with a newspaper sitting in a park would do! Does an old man talk to himself too? I guess not..